Welcome to JOIA- Japan Organic Inspectors Association。

What is JOIA?
JOIA is a Membership Organization which offers various types of organic seminars including Organic Inspector Training Courses, JAS seminars, etc. Courses and seminars mainly take places in Japan in Japanese.
Organic Inspector Traing Courses
JOIA/IOIA Organic Inspector Training courses are designed based on IOIA Organic Inspector Training Courses. IOIA (International Organic Inspectors Association), which is located in Montana, U.S.A., was founded in 1991 by organic inspectors and specializes in organic inspector trainings. Detail on http://www.ioia.net/about.html.
Basically these cources are held in Japanese. Hoever, upon requests, we could possibly hold courses in English.
For upcoming courses and events, check 「講習会・イベント情報 (Courses and Events) 」
Other Seminars and Traigings
Other seminars and trainings are held in Japanese. For upcoming seminars and trainings, check 「講習会・イベント情報 (Courses and Events) 」.
JOIA and Overseas Affiliates
IOIA is the sister Affiliate of JOIA. We are planning to collaborate with organic inspectors groups in Asia.
You can contact us through e-mails & Faxes.
e-mail : info@joia-orngaic.com
Managing Members
Chair : Mutsumi Sakuyoshi
Directors: Mica Itashiki(Vice-chair)
Auditor: Yoko Mizuno